Laparoscopy surgery is utilized in human medicine now more than ever. It is the preferred method over open abdominal surgery in certain cases because of it’s many benefits to the patient. We are so excited to offer laparoscopic spay surgery, gastropexy surgery and biopsies to offer those benefits to our patients! We utilize the same technology as in human medicine. There are three small incisions made to access the ovaries by using a camera and small pieces of equipment to cauterize and remove the ovaries. The uterus is not removed which has been proven to not cause any future problems for our young patients. If there are any concerns in regards to the uterus then an open abdominal spay procedure should be performed for removal of the ovaries and the uterus. Laparoscopic ovariectomy (also know as L-OVE surgery in short) has been found to reduce discomfort by 65% resulting your pet to have 2-3 days of down time versus the traditional 10-14 days of downtime with the traditional spay. We tell our clients that we have the easy part. The hard part is the recovery process at home and if we can make that time shorter and easier for both you and your pet then that is definitely a benefit! Making smaller incisions also offers less of a chance of infection which is another huge benefit for your pet. A huge advantage for the surgeon is having the ability to use a camera inside the abdomen to see all of the organs in a magnified view. The surgeon can see organs much closer and magnified which helps to see abnormalities, bleeding and reduces complications. A gastropexy is recommended in deep chested dogs to help prevent Bloat and GDV. Laparoscopic gastropexy is a less invasive procedure compared to the traditional and offers less discomfort and a smaller incision. Liver biopsies also typically require an open abdominal surgery to retrieve samples form the liver. We can now use the laparoscope to make smaller incisions and see the lobes of the liver in a magnified view and obtain very specific, diagnostic sections of the liver to submit for biopsy. Laparoscopy surgery is the standard of care in human medicine because of the compounding benefits to their patients and we are so excited to be able to offer that same level of care to our patients!