Commerce Village Vet Rehabilitation Center

Did you know we offer physical rehabilitation services at Commerce Village Veterinary Hospital?

We do!  Your pet would love it!


Why Consider Animal Rehabilitation?

  • Does your pet weigh too much?
  • Do you hunt with your dog? Could your dog use body conditioning during the off season?
  • Does your dog ever limp or seem uncomfortable?
  • Has your dog had a recent orthopedic surgery?

We Can Help Your Pet...

  • Lose weight by focusing on body conditioning, strength training and nutrition.
  • Recover from an orthopedic surgery by focusing on improving the rate of recovery, restoring limb function and strength training.
  • Feel more comfortable from arthritis by focusing on low impact strength training, body conditioning, decreasing pain and improve range of motion and daily function.

We Can Help You...

  • We could help you maximize your pet’s quality of life by decreasing pain, increasing mobility, recover from an injury, lose weight and improve physical fitness.

We Tailor Your Pet's Session According To Their Needs...

We'll create a treatment plan that would best benefit your pet so we can maximize the results and over all physical health of your pet.

Start With A Consultation...

Each pet is unique which is why we always start with a consultation.  Our veterinarian will examine your pet and then she and the rehab technician will create your pet’s detailed plan that is tailored specifically to your pet’s needs.


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What Is Animal Rehabilitation?

Animal Rehabilitation is a relatively new to veterinary medicine.  Therapy can be used for many types of disease processes as well as weight loss or general fitness and conditioning.

Rehabilitation can help increase speed of recovery from orthopedic surgeries such as CCL tear or FHO.

At Commerce Village Veterinary Hospital, we can develop programs to help keep canine athletes in tip top shape or help the "couch potato pup" lose a few extra pounds.

When designing a plan for pet physical therapy, our goal is to reduce pain and inflammation, while improving function and movement of your pet.

While the cost of therapy may seem daunting, it may reduce the need for other pain management modalities, saving the pet parents money in the long run.

We are also flexible with scheduling so those who worry about finding time for appointments can still be accommodated.


Who Is Animal Rehabilitation For?

Rehabilitation can be used in so many ways including some of the following:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Conditioning for athletes including hunting dogs
  • Weight Loss
  • Neurologic Diseases
  • Following orthopedic surgeries
  • Young dogs and puppies who want to stay fit and learn fun new tricks

What Does Animal Rehabilitation Include?

We use a multimodal approach for each patient.  It may include: 

  • Active and passive exercises
  • Massage
  • Stretching
  • Laser therapy
  • Heat and cryotherapy.

Why Might My Pet Need Animal Rehabilitation?

The goal of therapy is to use a multimodal approach to return or maintain normal function.

When & Where Is Animal Rehabilitation Scheduled?

Appointments are generally scheduled 1-2 times per week.  In addition, a daily home exercise program is tailored for each patient.

Inquire today to set up your consultation.