What pets can benefit from rehab?

Rehabilitation treatments can improve the quality of life for critically injured pets , older animals who are in pain , pets trying to avoid surgery , and those recovering from especially orthopedic and neurologic surgery. It can also help keep pets in athletic shape and help overweight pets lose body weight .

What are some of the most effective rehabilitation treatment methods ?

Some veterinary practices, including Commerce Village Veterinary Hospital , use specific equipment to aid in treatment . This equipment includes : underwater treadmill , land treadmill , cold laser therapy , balance discs/ foam , wobble boards , cone/rail patterns .

Also pet massage and therapeutic exercises are used for therapy for pets . Massage increases blood flow and helps treat muscle tension . Passive range of motion exercises help pets improve flexibility. Therapeutic exercises help pets rebuild muscle mass and increases flexibility and core strength .

Rehabilitation can also reduce the need for pain medications and anti- inflammatory medications in some pets .

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